Business Consulting

The Business Consulting Services Division of Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co., LLC complements traditional accounting, auditing, and tax services with a broad range of specialized consulting services.

The totality of over 100 years of combined professional training and on-the-job experience makes our professional consulting staff a complete resource for the financial issues you may encounter.

Our services are designed to assist clients in improving efficiency and profitability. Our approach not only includes review, analysis and recommendation for development of new systems and/or improvement of current systems, but we will also provide you with hands-on assistance in implementation and staff training.

Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co., LLC supports clients with a wide range of services, including:

  • Development and implementation of Internal Control policies and procedures
  • Development and implementation of Policy and Procedure manuals for Accounting Departments, Purchasing and Procurement Departments, Payroll Departments, and Human Resource Departments
  • Development and implementation of Employee Benefit Plans
  • Development and implementation of Salary and Wage Scales, including Job Descriptions and Organizational Charts
  • Providing interim staff for CFO, Accounting, Human Resource, and Internal Audit Departments
  • Development and implementation of employee mentoring and training programs
  • Providing assistance to Tribal Governments in Tribal Enterprise business development
  • Short-range and long-range Business Plans and Projections
  • Development and implementation of Budget plans and programs
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